I had the pleasure to meet Rebecca Dunn at this month’s meeting of the Longview Book Club. She talked about her novel “Afterlife” and shared about herself with the club. Meeting Mrs. Dunn and her husband was such a pleasure. I found her saying things I think all the time when considering the weird life that those of us who write fiction totally understand, but which non-writers find foreign and strange. She is another author who calls East Texas home. In her introduction, she wooed the crowd by comparing herself to another local author and previous speaker at the Longview book club, Matthew McConaughey.

With a charm to equal Mr. McConaughey, she delighted the audience with her down-to-earth style and likable attitude. A highlight of the night was when Mrs. Dunn played a sample of the audiobook for her novel, which is currently in production. I have to tell you, dear reader, I was completely enthralled by the sample of her story; I was immediately hooked. I usually read the back of a book before deciding on buying, but without even seeing it, only based on the 8 minutes I heard, I hurried to buy a paperback copy. As you can guess, I am about to curl up with it and spend some time reading Mrs. Dunn’s debut novel. If you are interested in reading it, I have added the link below. If you do pick up a copy, remember the independently published author lives and dies by their reviews. If you enjoy the book, consider leaving a review on amazon. Once again, it was a real delight meeting this wonderful local author. Now, let’s go read “Afterlife!”

rebecca dunn
meeting Rebecca Dunn


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